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Matteo paggi and the Giraffes

Dec 2023
Matteo Paggi –Trombone
Andrea Del Vescovo – Trumpet
Yunah Han: Piano
Misha Voeykov – Double Bass
Said Vroon – Drums



Dec 2023

Gregory Eric Smith invites Maïmouna

Maïmouna is a Belgian singer and currently making her mark in Ro7erdam. Her journey as a musician has led her to explore different art forms and took her all around Europe to play around with the use of vocals, melodies and the power of words and language. Maïmouna seeks to make her voice a versaCle instrument that can blend with instrumental music as well as vocal based genres. She draws inspiraCon from fellow musicians who, like her, are pushing the boundaries of tradiConal music, creaCng a unique and compelling fusion of sounds.

Maïmouna Mariah Kobon Rachels – vocals Gregory Eric Smith – drums
Andrew Moreno – guitar
Jonathan Ho – bass

Nueva Manteca

Dec 2023

Dutch most famous Latin Jazz band is coming to Dizzy

Jazz aquarium

Dec 2023

Jazz aquarium


The best fish menu’s in combination with the best jazz fishbones inspired by the sea


Music special for you, music for the love

Dec 2023

Music special for you! Thank you for the love.
Music played by allstars:
Omar Ka: guitar & voice
Marco Santos: percussion
Ernest Reijseger: Chello
Bao: kora
Satin: Drums
Oscar van der Pluijm: guitar
Dj Caliente
Entree €10,-
Dance till you drop!

Minder weergeven

The music of Chick Corea

Dec 2023

🎶 Join us for a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Chick Corea! 🎹✨

📅 Date: December 10th
🕤 Time: 21:30
📍 Venue: Dizzy Jazz Cafe

Let’s celebrate the life and music of Chick Corea together at Dizzy Jazz Cafe. Expect an evening filled with mesmerizing melodies and a tribute that honors the legacy of this musical icon.

Bring your friends, immerse yourself in the magic of jazz, and let’s pay homage to one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time!

See you there!

Feel free to tweak any details to better suit your event!

Somehow ( Two Basses two Voices )

Dec 2023
Somehow ( Two Basses two Voices )
Born just last year, the collaboration between Marc Sanchez Martinez and Eva Serrano is a captivating fusion of Spanish singer-songwriter melodies and reimagined jazz and soul classics. This unique project features the intertwining voices of Eva Serrano and Marc Sanchez Martinez’s double bass, creating an intimate and enchanting musical experience. With a repertoire that pays homage to Spanish music and skillfully adapts jazz and soul favorites, their concert is a treasure trove of surprises and emotional intimacy. Through this harmonious convergence, they weave a musical tapestry that celebrates both tradition and innovation, inviting the audience to explore the rich interplay of sounds and emotions.”

Teis Semey and Jort Terwijn

Dec 2023

Gregory Smith Invites: Teis Semey and Jort Terwijn

Teis Semey, guitarist, the “bad boy of Dutch jazz” (Trouw), is recognised by a fierce and

explosive style of playing improvised music. Semey’s music takes place in the cross-section

between jazz, punk and electronic improvised music.

Jort Terwijn is a versatile, creative and hard-driving double bassist who is able to shine

in various styles of music from jazz, flamenco, to punk rock and free improv.

These two musicians play together in various projects which are at the forefront of

the Amsterdam creative music scene, and both are also successful composers/leaders of

their own prize-winning bands. For this event, expect fireworks, deep ambiences, and grab-

you-by-the-neck improvisations that will soar above a mix of jazz and odd-meter rhythms.



Teis Semey – guitar


Jort Terwijn – bass


Classic Carol Jazz Christmas

Dec 2023
🎄✨ Immerse yourself in the magic of a Classic Jazz Christmas at Jazzcafe Dizzy, Rotterdam! 🎷✨
Join us on Friday, 15th December, for a night of festive jazz vibes featuring:
Vocals -Carolina Gemmell 🎤
Sax – Femke Mooren 🎷
Trumpet -Charlie Philips 🎺
Piano – Francisco Rodríguez 🎹
Double Bass -Eva Serrano 🎻
Drums -David Puime 🥁
Percussion -Manel Chust🔔
 📅 Date: Friday, 15th December
🕣 Time: 21:30 📍 Location: Jazzcafe Dizzy, Rotterdam
 The atmosphere will be cozy yet vibrant, setting the perfect stage for a jazzy holiday celebration! 🌟
 🎶 Don’t miss out on two sets of pure musical bliss! #JazzChristmas #LiveMusic #RotterdamNights

Salsa @ Dizzy

Dec 2023

End of the Season Party at Jazzcafe Dizzy!

We’re kicking off the night with a REGGAETON workshop by Zaira at 20:00h, which will definitly warm up the floor!
From 21:00h, DJ Phily will be ready to get the party started with his awesome tunes
And, to make things even better…;
Cuban music trio “El BOHíO” will also be there to entertain us with LIVE MUSIC for multiple sets!

Believe us, you don’t want to miss out on this!!✨

Jazzcafé Dizzy
‘s-Gravendijkwal 127, Rotterdam
Party Presale: € 12,-
Party incl workshop Presale: € 20,-

20:00h – 21:00h: Reggaeton Workshop by Zaira
21:00h – 02:00h: 70% Salsa y 30% Bachata party with DJ Phily
In between sets: El BoHíO – Cuban music trio

Tickets are limited so FULL = FULL!
Link available in our bio



Afro Carib Ensemble

Dec 2023
The Afro Carib Ensemble.
This ensemble owes its name to the different percussion instruments that are played. The Afro part (Africa) is mainly the indigenous drums and shakers that come from the Winti culture of Suriname, in particular the 'Hari and Koti dron'. Added to this were the Skraty, Timbal, Sing Sing and Bangi.
The Carib (the Caribbean part)) is colored by Congas, Maracas, Quiro Bongos, Timbales and all Latin Percussion instruments.
The ensemble has a strong line-up. A solid orchestra including a spicy brass section with Delbert Bernabel (saxes/flute) Rodney Newland (trumpet) Henk Jones (alto sax). Central to the whole is a dynamic rhythm section with Errol Bakdraad (drums, bangi and timbales) Glenn Kloppenburg (bongos, bongo bell, quiro hari-dron, and skratyi) Romeo Sumter (congas, bongos, small percussion, timbal, koti-dron and tambora). The vocalists are Glenn Vreds (shakers) Latoya Oosterwolde and the undersigned who also takes care of the guitar work. Then Carlos Tjon A Meeuw (bass and hari-dron) and Lemuel Dasburg (piano and keys). All fantastic musicians with extensive stage experience.
The Afro Carib Ensemble is a musical legacy. A musical concept! Conceived, described, played and sung from the roots of Suriname.


Poetry & Jazz

Dec 2023

Desiree van Blitterswijk, Peer Hommel, Jeroen Naaktgeboren, McGregor Spalburg, Miguel Santos Iman Spaargaren saxophone, Rui Silva guitar en effecten, Eddy Nielsen contrabas
20.00 7,50

The Artist Rhymz

Dec 2023

Tijd: 20.30 – 23.30

Host: John Keys

Co-Host Master Surreal

Band: Keys Collective

DJ Nostalgic

€7,50 incl 1 drankje

Performers guestlist only via DM@theartistrhymz


Presale : https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-the-artist-rhymz-jamsession-on-tour-765187294797?aff=oddtdtcreator

Gregory Smith Invites: Ma4eo Paggi

Dec 2023

Gregory Smith Invites: Ma4eo Paggi

Matteo Paggi is a versatile musician who has been exploring different types of music, instruments and musical approaches since the beginning of his musical career.
Colors, voice, timbre, dynamics, the minutest details of sound and articulation: all of it is the subject of his continuous study and research of his artistic expression. An ongoing exploration of the inner side expressing itself on the outside in music ranging from free improvisation to the heaviest rock and metal, from traditional jazz to trendy modern music.


Matteo Paggi – trombone/electronics Beatrice Sberna – vocals
Gabriel De Oliveira – guitar
Gregory Eric Smith – drums

Gregory Smith Band Xmas Special

Dec 2023

Gregory Smith Band Xmas Special

The Gregory Eric Smith Band, known for its adventurous sonic ambiences and deep grooves, will be doing something a li>le different for this evening, combining a mix of instrumental improvisaAons, Xmas carols, visuals and dance to help you get over the Xmas hangover.


Gregory Eric Smith – drums Andrew Moreno – guitar Jonathan Ho – bass
Nina Künzel – vocals