Dizzy Dances Balboa

Mar 2023

Zondag 16:00-19:00

Roffa Balboa Nights presents an afternoon of Balboa dancing at Jazzcafé Dizzy. The crew will offer you a fine selection of music perfect for Balboa dancing. This is thé Balboa social of Rotterdam and the perfect place to practice your balboa moves or just spend a relaxed evening listening to some cheerful up-tempo jazz music. They are super excited to go shuffle at Dizzy, a lovely historic jazz location.
There is no entrance fee so spend your money at the bar.
Not sure what Balboa is? Here’s a small impression: https://youtu.be/zEKFAAKHKjw
If you are already sold on it, check out www.swinginrhythm.nl for weekly Balboa classes.
More about swing dancing in Rotterdam: www.roffaswing.nl