Just a Party

Apr 2022

Bring your good mood to “Just a Party”!
2 DJ’s will set the vibe and help you bounce from your seat towards the dancefloor 🕺💃 come join the fun!

The evening will be hosted by Mauricio Lopez Tejerina. Organised by Friends of Dizzy for friends of Dizzy and everyone who wants to join the Dizzy Family!

Ticket: €5,-

21:30h – 02:30h

meet the DJ’s
Sekov will make want to immerse yourself in a wave of spatial sounds and absolute progression.
You will enjoy his set as if it was a musical journey, you will feel an authentic progression from beginning to end, starting with chill and fresh sounds and vocals that will make you immerse in an authentic deep musical progression adding some classics mixed with a House music style, ending with some funky styles to end the night in the liveliest way. You will hear genres like Deep, Progressive, Jazz, Funky and Electro House.
You will be able to feel that energy that the Dj is able to transmit to the public through the music..

Rōods sets up an eclectic dancefloor where the blend of groovy beats and sparkling vibes sends you on a journey through the many corners of music and movement. From disco inferno to floating house to vibrant soul and R&B, Rōods takes you on a familiar route through discovery, fusing your all-time favourites with their counterparts, and some extra flair of sonic candy. A high energy ride in which those who enjoy a frenzy dancefloor have no chance of not dancing it out.

Alongside the DJ set, you will experience an Octagon Blues curation of motion graphic visuals that may magically unfold rhythmically to the music. Expect all sorts of visual bliss!