King’s Day with Banda Matatu

Apr 2022
Come celebrate King’s Day with Banda Matatu at Dizzy!
MATATU is a frequently used word to refer to the mode of public transport in the East
Africa. “You miss one, you’ll catch the next one”…That is Banda Matatu.
Owing to the versatility and flexibility, the band incorporates afro caribbean grooves fusing
afrobeat, chakacha and afroj azz among other styles which gives Banda Matatu its colour.
Max Ravanello from Italy, and Mike Onyango, met in Rotterdam and together were able to create
Banda Matatu ensemble, releasing through the years one ep and three singles. Currently a new ep
and single are in the mixing phase, soon to be released.
Trombone, alto sax, trumpet, harmonica, electric guitar, bass guitar and drumset are the major set-
up of the band. Banda Matatu comprises of members from different parts of the world that gives the
band a multicultural blend.
Line up:
Mike Onyango – Lead singer/ Trumpets (Kenya)
Max Ravanello – Trombone (Italy)
Pau Jordà – Alto Sax (Spain)
Ricardo Silva – Harmonica (Portugal)
Carlos Henrique – Electric Guitar (Mexico)
Giuseppe Bordasco – Bass Giutar (Italy)
Mathijs Mens – Drumset (Netherlands)
Ticket: €10,-
students: €5,-
doors: 21:00h
show: 21:30h