May 2022

Meet Querencia! A group of people who, besides their music, might never have met. You can imagine that a drummer and bass player who are classically trained (Codarts Jazz department), a self-taught guitar player/vocalist and a writer who started singing approach music from different angles.
Querencia’s members bring out the best in each other and realize a sound that remains unnamed. The different music styles together make an unexpectedly fresh, danceable and tropical mix in which the lyrics go as deep as the bass lines and of which the message is just as important as the groove.
The word ‘Querencia’ is derived from ‘querer’ which means both to love and to desire.
Querencia’s roots lie in Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Costa Rica and the Netherlands.
It is precisely the resulting differences that connect and inspire.

Vocals: Ellis van de Bosch
Guitar & Vocals: Dilan Tekin
Bass: Jurriaan de Kok
Drums: Django

Ticket: €7,50
students: €4,-
Doors: 21:00h
Show: 21:30h
After: 0:00 – 02:30h (with DJ)