Slow Bal Flash Moves with Mike and Natalia

Dec 2023
We’re going to slide, float and spin! Mike and Natalia have developed cool and flashy moves for Slow Bal, especially for us. Of course these moves are also super useful in your Blues and slow Lindy Hop!
In two workshops Natalia and Mike teach you everything you need to perform flashy and fancy dance moves in a comfortable and safe way. They discuss different techniques that also require a different degree of strength that you need to perform the moves. Also useful if you want to add even more floating and swirling moves to your dance repertoire in the future!
The workshop consists of two parts. There is a 30 minute break in between. You can choose to do one of the workshops. But if you really want to add some flashy moves to your repertoire, of course you choose both 😉.
Part I — “It’s All About Them Legs
Flash moves with minimal weight support
– Scorpion Kicks
– The Butterfly
Part II — “Lean On Me”
Flash moves with medium-full weight support
– The Windmill
– The Swirl
In the evening we show off our flash moves in Jazzcafe Dizzy, where we will dance to the live music of Sam Ghezzi and his band (as part of North Sea Around Town).
Please check out our website for all the details. Note that registration for the workshops goes with a fixed partner. Registration is open now!
Time: 12:00-23:00