Viana Afoumou + Jamsession / DJ Sniebl

Mar 2022
Tonight Viana Afoumou shows two of her best sides on Dizzy’s stage.
First half of the evening we’ll be able to see her in concert. Second half of the evening she will host a jamsession in which musicians are most welcome to join.
Ticket: €6,-
students: €4,-
About Viana Afoumou:
Viana Afoumou is a nature-loving mix of Gospel, pop, and poetry. She sings with her feelings and plays with words. Her music combines life experience, a bit of magic and chance. Born in Brussels, she grew up in a choir, where she learnt to sing and harmonize. Today, she lives and studies in Rotterdam. You might have crossed her in the street with her guitar, an astronaut outfit and a busking sign.