FRTSLD: audio/visual performance

“When we think of enjoying the simple things in life, we think of spending time with the people we love, doing what it is we love doing, meeting new places, exploring ourselves.
Sometimes the answer is right in front of our eyes.”

FRTSLD would like to present ideas on how to make things happen effortlessly, on their own, by creating an atmosphere and consequential state of mind of enjoyment of the moment.

Their performances navigate through music, silence, and visuals to achieve that.”

Aleks Jaremko: Keys, Saxophone
Camilo Silva: Percussions
Michal Basar: Modular System
Ruben Viera: Visual Performance

Expect an atmospheric, dreamy, rhythmical, acoustical and electronic improvised structured live creation of an abstract world, stimulating inner peace by music healing techniques and electro
acoustic tools in a specially adapted room.

After their performance FRTSLD hosts Dizzy’s Groove Session.
You are welcome to join them on stage!

Free entrance