We would like to invite you to a special night of social dancing at Jazzcafe Dizzy.

Join us for a Slow Bal dance night. Slow Bal is an umbrella name for some kinds of dances that were danced to slow jazz music. Modern Slow Bal is a mix of the old timers dance with influences of nowadays balboa, Lindy Hop and Blues.

The entrance is free of charge, so keep your bottles at home and spend your euro’s at the bar. Dizzy has a lovely selection of drinks available and the loveliest staff to help you out. If you join straight after work you will be happy to know that Viki V. has taken over Dizzy’s kitchen and has the best Vegan food available for everyone’s delight from 18.00h. No more excuses, come out and dance with us!

Last but not least, this is your last chance to try out Slow Bal before our 10-week course starts. So if you are curious about this lovely Swing dance and would like to know more about it, please join us.

Slow Bal looks like:
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(English below)

Live samba speciaal voor dansers en liefhebbers van samba.
“Samba Roffa”
Een nieuw Rotterdams initiatief onstaan uit energie, blijdschap en liefde voor de samba!

Percussionisten Steven Brezet (Koffie, Snarky Puppy) en Jeroen Hensel
zijn onze gastheren. Zij hebben vanuit hun gedeelde passie voor de samba de handen ineen geslagen en een band samengesteld om met het publiek van Dizzy deze avond de samba te vieren. Zij worden hierin en in meerdere van hun initiatieven gesteund door percussiemerk Contemporanea uit Brazilië!
Verwacht tropische sferen en veel energie. Kom dansen!

Line up
Jeroen Hensel – percussion
Igor Fernandes- percussion
Steven Brezet – percussion
Beto Guerra – cavaquinho
Paulinho Paes – violao
Laura Argudin – keys
Lydia Stavraki – vocals

Firma na palma da mão!

Entree: €5,-


Live samba especially for dancers and samba lovers.
“Samba Roffa”
A new, Rotterdam based, initiative founded from energy, happiness and love for Brazilian samba!

Percussionists Steven Brezet (Koffie, Snarky Puppy) & Jeroen Hensel are our hosts. Inspired by their passion for samba they’ve joined forces and formed a band, to celebrate Brazilian samba with Dizzy’s audience. They are supported in this, and other, initiative of theirs by Brazilian percussionbrand Contemporanea!
Expect a tropical atmosphere and lots of energy. Come Dance!

Firma na palma da mão!

Admission: €5,-