Enrico la Noci


Enrico La Noci trio


5 euro

Enrico, a distinguished jazz guitarist,has cemented his place in the
international jazz community with hisunique sound and commitment to thegenre’s traditions. After earning hisMaster’s with honors at the RoyalConservatory of The Hague under theguidance of jazz notables like MartijnVan Iterson, John Ruocco, and PedroMartins, he navigated the pandemic byfounding the Social Music CafĂ©,hosting seminars with jazz greats such
as Benny Green and George Cables.His deep dive into jazz educationincludes mentorship from legends likeBarry Harris, Peter Bernstein, MikeMoreno, Pasquale Grasso, KurtRosenwinkel, and Dave Kikoski, and hisactive role in New York’s jazz scene
underscores his dedication. Enrico’scollaborations span a network ofacclaimed musicians, including ChrisCheek, Ben Van Gelder, Gadi Lehavi,Fabrizio Bosso, Eric Ineke, and PhilipLassiter. Highlighting his recentachievements, he was awarded theMIDJ AIR grant in 2023 for an artisticresidency, showcasing his growinginfluence. Currently, Enrico’sperformances and projects across theglobe reflect his innovative spirit andhis collaboration with prominent figureslike Simon Rigter and Ian Cleaver,demonstrating his significantcontribution to the jazz world.


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