Can Güngör

May 2024

Can Güngör, who has attracted attention with the songs he wrote himself and the arrangements he made for many artists in recent years, released his first solo album “Silik Dreams” in 2015 through ‘Oldım Kaçarız Plakçılık’.

The album, which generally includes personal stories in a calm, simple style and innovative arrangements, was ranked among the best albums of the year by music critics and many music blogs. Towards the end of 2016, he released a single called “Lone to Die” and an accompanying video clip through Sony Music Türkiye. The song attracted great attention from the listeners and entered Spotify’s “Turkey Viral 50” list at number 1.
The artist, who started working on her second album in 2018, released her first single from this album, Teselli, in April under the Sony Music Turkey label. The song, which heralds the new album, is a special work that is unlike the artist’s previous works and shows the extremes he can reach musically. Can Güngör, who released “Outside Winter” in 2019, introduced his second album of 15 songs, “Sular Dar”, to music lovers on April 24, 2020.
He has been continuing his live performances with the Can Güngör orchestra since 2014. Sometimes calm, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes eerie voices rise from the stage. In the words of Murat Beşer, one of the important music critics; The second round begins on the urban bard scene.