Far Out Sessions

Apr 2024

Far Out Sessions soon to be become Hang Loose Sessions!
(@faroutsessionsroffa) is back and ready to tease Dizzy with some local indie and far out jams! Bring your instrument!

For this edition we present a promising emerging band, @Thrilledband , a shoegaze grungy band for fans of Slowdive, Deftones and Nothing

After the band, we have our classic crazy jam session where the genre has little to do and freedom is served on the table for you to participate or savour with your body and ears.

Join us and be a part of something truly special! Celebrate the richness and diversity of our local art scene, and help talented artists get the recognition they deserve ( 5 eu or donation)

Come to Far Out Sessions and experience the best of Rotterdam’s alternative music and art scene. ???????? #FarOutSessions #Dizzygoesindie #Rotterdamjamsessions #RotterdamArtScene