Los Melos: Salsa Dura

Feb 2024

Entrance: 21:30
Tickets: 12,5€ (voorverkoop)
Ready to dance and move your hips ? Dance to the irresistible rhythms of Puerto Rican salsa! Join us for a night of electrifying music and dance at our Salsa Extravaganza. Buy your tickets now and get ready to salsa the night away. Don’t forget to indulge in delicious stuffed tostones while you dance your heart out! Get your tickets today and let’s spice up the dance floor!
entre:12,5€ (voorverkoop)

21:30- LOS MELOS (9 koppige salsa formatie) creme de la creme salsa pa’l bailador
23:30-02:00 DJ Paisa( Colombia) draait vinyl salsa con golpe pa’l bailador
Bandleader,congas:Nique Quentin(Duitsland)
main Vocals: Alberto Caicedo (Guapi,Colombia)
Piano, Coro :Thomas Böttcher (Duitsland)
Bass : Samuel Ruíz( Venezuela)
Sebastian Nickoll: Bongo /Campana (Duitsland)
Timbal:Giovanni Molinari (Italie)
Vocal,coro : Ramon Mendeville (Netherlands ,Chile)
Trombone:Julien Garvayo (Spain)
Trombone:Maarten Combrink (Netherlands)