Max Sergeant Quintet & Yehorii Uzvha Trio

Mar 2024


March 25



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's-Gravendijkwal 127 a, 3021 EK Rotterdam, Netherlands

Max Sergeant Quintet

Max Sergeant is a drummer, composer and bandleader from Amsterdam. With an emphasis in music on improvisation and soloing, Max presents his own compositions live. The warm melodies and harmonies, paired with different grooves, are central. This creates emotional yet inspiring performances.

Yehorii Uzvha Trio:

Emerging from the vibrant jazz scene in Amsterdam, the Yehorii Uzvha Trio is a collaborative ensemble where each member contributes equally to craft a unique sound within the realms of hard bop, bebop, and post-bop. The trio features the expressive Yehorii Uzvha on tenor and alto saxophones, the rhythmic prowess of Alper Aydogan on drums, and the versatile Dave Guerreiro on double bass.
Yehorii Uzvha’s melodic ingenuity, combined with Alper Aydogan’s dynamic drumming and Dave Guerreiro’s nimble bass lines, creates a captivating musical experience. The trio explores a repertoire that spans self-arranged standards and original compositions, paying homage to the classic jazz eras while infusing their performances with contemporary energy.
In the spirit of equality and collaboration, the Yehorii Uzvha Trio promises an engaging musical journey, showcasing the individual strengths of each member while collectively creating a distinctive voice in the world of jazz.