Yiannis Mitsios Quintet

Mar 2024

Yiannis Mitsios Quintet
The Quintet
Yiannis Mitsios quintet is an up-and-coming jazz group based in Rotterdam. The quintet, founded on October 13, 2023, by Yiannis, envisions bringing his music to a global audience. The group focuses on seamlessly blending jazz with other musical genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and ethnic influences, creating a sound that is both musically coherent and rich in content.
Yiannis’ compositions are characterized by their lyrical melodies, precise use of odd meters, and exploration of rhythmic concepts such as syncopation and polyrhythms. His diverse harmonic palettes and the incorporation of rich solo improvisations further define the unique sound of the quintet.
The exceptional musicians who bring Yiannis’ vision to life include Marios Charalambous (Cyprus) on Tenor Saxophone, Nikolas Tsangaris (Cyprus) on Drums, Eva Serrano (Spain) on Acoustic Bass, and Daniel Bulatkin (Czech Republic) on Piano/Hammond organ. Each member contributes their cultural influences and playing styles, creating a harmonious fusion within the ensemble.